Uncovering the Enterprise Architect in You

Enterprise Architecture For Decision Makers - 2 Day Workshops

CEOs are investing a great deal in creating winning strategies. Globally, organizations are working on offsetting economic dampening behavior with new products and services in regular interval. Very often, results are not favorable due to inherent Business complexity and associated business structure. As a result, even incremental changes are expensive and time-consuming.

Ideally speaking Enterprise Architecture should have been used for engineering or re-engineering of an enterprise. Unfortunately, it's not so.
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Round Table - Enterprise Architecture For Decision Makers

Join us for a live interaction with our Director - Mr. Krish Ayyar. Bring your questions and queries and get suggestions and work around seemingly complex issues.

Round table meeting of Practitioners is a monthly Q & A live session of 45-60 Minutes duration each. Our experts will present an overview of our Enterprise Architecture For Decision Makers workshop and address specific queries on how to solve problems using Enterprise Architecture.

The participants get an opportunity to share the issues and queries with the experts and roundtable members without the identity getting disclosed. These meetings will be conducted using Citrix GoToMeeting.

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