Multi Services Capability and Multi Industry Expertise

For Business Transformation Consulting

Martin-McDougall Technologies has vast experience in Enterprise Architecture, Package Solutions Architecture, Business Architecture, Business Strategy and IT Strategy. We bring this expertise to help your Enterprise become more responsive and innovative. 

Enterprise Architecture

Our Enterprise Architecture Solutions will deliver the Architecture rapidly with full Stakeholder participation. We have all the Templates, Reference Models, Frameworks, Methods, Tools and Pre Populated Industry models to suit your needs.

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Package Solutions Architecture

Package Solutions including SAP and Cloud offerings are our speciality. We identify the "As Delivered" Architecture of Packages and help develop integrated solutions within your environment.

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Business Architecture

Our Business Architecture Services are aimed at optimising your Business Processes, Functions and Services. We go beyond the traditional Lean approach to deliver innovative solutions using models based on BPMN, UML and Techniques such as Simulation and Impact Analysis.

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Business Strategy

We not only help establish the Business Strategy context for the Architecture work but also advise on strategy optimisation, identifying gaps in strategies etc.,.

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IT Strategy

Our IT Strategy Services will ensure that your Business Strategies are well understood and are realisable by the Blueprints and Roadmaps in a practical manner. We follow the Technology trends very closely and are able to advise on the right strategies for leveraging them for your Business.

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